Arts. Aspirations. Archetype.

Archetype – “the original pattern or model from which all things of the same kind are copied or on which they are based; a model or first form; prototype.”

I sat scared as the interview progressed with question after question. I felt like I was in an interrogation inspired by a midweek television drama. Though my countenance probably didn’t waiver, my heart was beating in my chest. I felt my ears getting warmer as my thoughts digressed down different paths of who I was, what my strengths were, and how I would be an asset to the team.

Needless to say, I ended up making Floodgate, a traveling ministry team of Central Bible College.

If someone I went to high school with would’ve heard this, I think their response would’ve been normal: “Oh Bobby! Yeah – drama is his thing.” But the initial reaction I got now as a senior in college was different: “Really? Bobby? That’s a weird fit.”

In high school I would’ve easily fit into the “Artsy” category. I starred in my high school musical, I was in drama’s, I got “superior’s” in class-A solo’s for vocal, I was in jazz band, I took music theory, I got best portfolio at our school’s Art Show, and I was a worship leader at my church and youth group. My life was saturated in the arts growing up. I even worked at a music store!

Oddly – most people from CBC that know me had NO IDEA that I did any of that in high school.

Until now… But why haven’t I been that involved in the arts since coming to college? I love the arts. They are a great way for me to express myself, and I honestly have a natural ability in them. I come from a musical family. I like being creative.

But I’m not passionate about the arts.

I came to CBC with a passion for God’s Word. So that has been my goal since being at CBC; to learn about God’s Word. I didn’t want to be thrown in the pattern or process of being “that music guy” like I felt like I was in high school. With college came new beginnings, new aspirations, and the potential for a new identity. Now, I am so removed from who I was in high school that going back to it now has made some of my friends scratch their heads.

Don’t think that you can’t ever change who you are or what people think about you. And don’t feel like, if you are categorized, that you have to fit into someone else’s mold of who they expect you to be. As I hear in every generic sermon: “God is in the life changing business.” Though this transcends simple hobbies and character traits, I do believe that God will mold you into who He wants you to be if you are submissive to His will. Find the passion that God gave you and pursue it. And don’t ever be discouraged by what people might think about you. All you need to worry about is what God thinks about you.


Author: BobertHill

My name is Bobby. I have just finished my undergraduate at Central Bible College. I am passionate about the Lord, and knowing Him in truth. I am dry and sarcastic, and hopefully that can be fleshed out in a mostly humane way through my writings.

One thought on “Arts. Aspirations. Archetype.”

  1. Wow. It’s kind of crazy for me to read this. I knew you haven’t done a lot in college with the arts, but I didn’t really know why. For me, hearing you make floodgate was not surprising at all–I was really surprised you hadn’t done it sooner. But what is even more surprising, is that I feel like my time at CBC was very similar.

    You know how busy I was in High School. I did everything. It was so nice to come to CBC with a clean slate and not have to feel like I needed to be involved in everything. So I did the opposite. I was really involved in nothing. There were times where I truly missed being involved in stuff, because honestly, deep down, that is who I am. I love being in control of things. I love getting to plan stuff. I love seeing people enjoy things that I had a hand in creating. I loved knowing everyone and being known by everyone. I missed all of that in college.

    But, I got to enjoy things that I wouldn’t have had the chance to enjoy if I had been involved with a lot in college. I had the chance to experiment with different things with the time I had not being super busy with activities. I was able to put a lot of time to studying and learning. I was able to spend more time developing close friendships. I had a chance to really find out who I was.

    Glad to hear that you are pursuing your giftings and talents in drama, music, and art again. I think that you are so talented and have a lot to offer people. I am excited to hear about all that will happen through floodgate this summer!

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