Passionate For Truth.

On Floodgate tour I’ve learned a lot of things. Spending several weeks in a car with the same four people, molds, shapes, and brings perspective to things about oneself. I’ve learned a lot about myself.

If you don’t know what Floodgate is, it is a promotional drama/ministry team from Central Bible College. I spent my summer as a graduate touring with this group. We went to Arizona, Missouri, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, and Kentucky. Here are a few things I’ve learned while on tour.

1) I Am Not Above Reproach.

I always thought I would hit an age where I got everything together, where things would get easier, where I would be above reproach. But this summer I’ve struggled with the same hurdles and temptations that I did in high school and college. With every scary story to me comes the realization that I am not above reproach. I still fail and fall short. I still need God’s grace. There have been times in the car and with friends where I would have to apologize for things that I said or did. I guess I thought I would be less fallible once I had a diploma. Not really true.

2) I Need People.

I never really realized how much I appreciated the people around me until I spent ten weeks with the same group. We got so close! Those four people will always have a special place in my heart filled with special memories. Alongside that, I also got to spend a part of my summer with another group of friends at a wedding. All the bonding just made me realize that without those people pouring into my life, calling me out, and tolerating my shortcomings, I would not be the man I am today. I need relationships. All the different people that I met at camps from different churches and ministries teams have blessed me beyond comparison this summer as well! I’ve realized that I can’t just stay recluse and not expect my heart to yearn for relationship. Sometimes I feel like Boo Radley from “To Kill A Mockingbird,” but even he had to take a step out into the world – for him and for Scout.

3) I Need God.

I need God!!! Let me say that again! If you read the previous two points, then this one is a “gimme”. With every mess-up, with every split decision, I’ve had to turn to God. I find myself turning to God constantly. I’m the type of person that doesn’t get caught up in passion but more pursues truth. I guess this summer has helped me to rekindle some of my passion. Truth may be what directs us, but it is passion that drives us! I hope to be both pointing in the right direction, and moving toward that goal – Christ’s kingdom.

I know most of these things might seem simple and boring, but that is exactly what truth is sometimes. It’s been around all along… we just needed to be reminded of it.

Remind yourself of a simple truth. Embrace it. Live it. Share it. And do it all with the passion that God instills.


Author: BobertHill

My name is Bobby. I have just finished my undergraduate at Central Bible College. I am passionate about the Lord, and knowing Him in truth. I am dry and sarcastic, and hopefully that can be fleshed out in a mostly humane way through my writings.

One thought on “Passionate For Truth.”

  1. It’s so interesting how three months of constant ministry can change a person so much. It’s nice to see how it has changed you.

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