The Park – A Poem

Let’s stroll up to the fountain
Sink our feet into its shore
And the world around will disappear
Into a frantic water war

Let’s strip down to our barefeet
And the grass will be our floor
We will blow out all the dandelions
You’ll be mine and I’ll be yours

The ground will be hot lava
We’ll go climbing up the slide
We’ll get lost in the adventure
As we lose all sense of time

The jungle gym before us
With the world left behind
We will overcome these obstacles
As our souls become aligned

And we will swing into the night
We’ll let go and we’ll take flight
Let’s go back to the start
The park is where you stole my heart

And when the day is over
It will be a bitter end
But we’ll always have these memories
Of a park and a weekend


These are actually the lyrics to a song I wrote recently about discovery, adventure, and young love. It started when I wanted to write about playing in a fountain, and it almost evolved into a Moonrise Kingdom-esque adventure. These are the verses and the bridge to the song (That is why the rhyme pattern is different in the second to last stanza). Maybe I’ll come out with a recording of it in the future.


Author: BobertHill

My name is Bobby. I have just finished my undergraduate at Central Bible College. I am passionate about the Lord, and knowing Him in truth. I am dry and sarcastic, and hopefully that can be fleshed out in a mostly humane way through my writings.

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