An Illustrious Imaginative

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out.” –Dr. Seuss

I get frustrated a lot…

Big surprise.

I am a person who values efficiency. I like productivity, I enjoy progress, and I tend to sometimes be a perfectionist. I am sarcastic and stubborn. I am a critic. Some might think I am a pessimist.

I have an imagination.

I can think of unicorns without believing they exist. I can fathom a sun fashioned out of cheese… or maybe it was the moon? I can picture worlds like that out of a Dr. Seuss book. Narnia, Middle Earth, and District 12 aren’t just places described in movies and books, but they are realities that first found their birth in the immaterial – my imagination.

In my world, there is a reality that is subject to my mind. And in my world, there are things that aren’t even possibilities in this world. But there are a many more that still are possibilities. The questions, “why,” and, “what if,” aren’t questions that are found in nature, but they are questions that are birthed in the connecting synapses of each individual’s mind.

Many of the great minds of the past and present are people who had well-flourished imaginations. They were men and women who thought not how things were but of how things could be. They weren’t worried about how ridiculous their possibilities could have been.

The people of history who were most responsible for changing the world were the ones who were willing to think differently.

Don’t be afraid to befriend the eccentrics. Don’t hesitate to sound ridiculous. Think big. You can be critical of things within reality, but don’t be critical of reality itself. See instances as solutions to be solved. It is possible to be critical yet content.

And you can have a sight setting towards the future without dwelling on it. You might be subject to time, but your imagination isn’t. A better tomorrow can only be grasped by having a different view of today – the today you still have to live in.

Here’s to hoping for a better tomorrow today.

“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way at looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.” – Dr. Seuss