Provision, Transition, and Traveling.

I am not a penniless wanderer, but I get around. I don’t mean like that! Get your head out of the gutter!

I am used to having a myriad of different possessions spread across a tri-state area. I guess going to college 12 hours away does that. And the time of transition since has been anything but stationary. Last summer started off by taking a small road trip out east with my friends Josiah and Matt. We went as far out as Johnstown, PA to visit Jo’s homestead. After that, I went highpointing with my friend Joe. We visited the highest points of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland in one day.

That was only the start of my summer. The rest of it I was traveling with a promotional ministry team from my alma mater. We traveled to Arizona, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, and Kentucky before the summer heat subsided. I took a break amidst the vagabonding to be part of my friends’ wedding in Michigan.

Since then, I have moved four times. So, in the past 18 months I have moved five times – finally ending my travels in the beautiful Greenwich, CT. I feel like I am hiding in the foliage that encompasses the area, trying to hold on to the stability that I think has finally come.

Sometimes clichés exist, because of the importance of the truth behind them.

It’s almost as if I hear over the sound of my own yawn preachers talk about when the Israelites wander through the dessert. This is the 40 years the people of God spent lost before entering the Promised Land. God met their daily needs by bringing manna and other things down from heaven (manna is kind of like bread), and at times, God even guided them at night by the physical light of his Spirit.

He guided them at a time of transition, and they were anything but thankful.

Now looking back on the past few years of college and transition, I can see that God has been helping prepare me for the future in various ways. He has surprised me with awesome job opportunities, and He has strategically put friends in my path who have helped carry me along the journey. Without the previous experiences I had while being in transition, learning the “rules of life” like the Israelites learning the rules of God, I wouldn’t have made it in the future. Either that or the future would have been tougher than it is now.

The pressure during the transition reminded me of God’s faithfulness and His provision.

Maybe you are in a time of transition. Maybe you were once in a time of transition, but you don’t see it for the blessing that it was. Take time to thank God for the transitions you are or were in. Transitions are a time of refinement. Be thankful for them. Learn from them. And rejoice when you get to your destination.